A Hellbound Heart

from by Contingency

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“A Hell-Bound Heart”

Lyrics: Dominic

Blood flows from every lesion, tear, scar, and wound you are yet to posses
Oh surely this night of unholy conquest
Has brought upon the end of the world
Some bring plague
Stifling the hearts of men and demon alike
While he brings death
Mortal men dare not resist

Hell hath frozen over
The end had begun
His wrath subdues the world
It covers every inch
No one can hide from his satanic warfare

Death finds us all, in the end
No one will stay alive

A hell-bound heart
A dying world ripped apart
A hell-bound heart
A hell-bound heart

Your time runs out, your life flashes before your very eyes
Limbs removed and extracted from your spine
An eternity in pain await you in the depth of hell
Fire sears at my flesh

Dear God
Forgive me for my sins
I say as the last knife pierces my skin
My flesh removed
Eyes know where to be found

This is truly hell now
This is truly hell now
Dead planet
Destroyed world
The harold of oblivion has come
Life extinguished by the eyes of thousands
Brought upon by the devils son

A mind bent into hatred by anger
The need for flesh and to kill the living
Death rains from the sky
All mortal men are purged as he says

“Rise now my children of apocalypse
Tonight we end the world
Kneel down
My children of apocalypse
As we watch this plague unfurl

Slaughter of the innocent
Beckons the plague
Drag me down into hell


Even now as his armies cross into this very world
His plague erradicates, exterminates, extinguish, destroy
And i am cast back down into hell
A hell-bound heart


from Demo 2017, released February 27, 2017
Guitar - Dominic
Bass - Dominic/Alex
Drum Sequencing - Dominic/Nick A
Vokills - Nick L



all rights reserved


Contingency Chicago, Illinois

Death Metal Dudes

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